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Meet the team

sophia ye


Sophia is a product designer and frontend engineer. Previously, she has worked in frontend development, UI/UX design, and product management at Bayesian Health, a startup in the healthcare AI space. She has experience designing and launching both small- and large-scale technical products and enjoys guiding the product development process and working with social entrepreneurs. 

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steffen cornwell


Steffen is a backend engineer and product developer based in Philadelphia, and enjoys architecting software projects and harmonizing software requirements with the needs of clients. He also enjoys teaching programming and business skills to youth and has experience teaching in a variety of learning environments. He is also the co-founder of (, a nonprofit platform to help digitally store ID documents for those experiencing homelessness.

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Billed monthly

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Our projects


Finiverse is a web-based tool developed in partnership with the Stevens Center of Innovation in Finance of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania that provides students with an easy and intuitive way to plan and understand their college finances and the associated risks of repaying their student loans. Learn more about the project in this Wharton Today Article.

greenline access capital

Greenline Access Capital is a Philadelphia-based CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) that provides capital and financial resources to immigrant and minority micro-entrepreneurs.


Clarifi is a desktop application that uses clinically-proven strategies to help students with ADHD focus and complete their schoolwork.


gigU is an online platform that helps connect students with short-term “gig” opportunities at companies to help them gain workplace experience and explore different careers.


CoffeePLUG is a sustainable online coffee marketplace that seeks to empower coffee farmers by connecting them directly to coffee buyers.


ArabiQuest is a mobile application that helps children ages 3-8 learn how to speak conversational Arabic.

arts east-west

Arts East-West is a nonprofit organization based in Montreal that seeks to empower the voices of Asian artists in Canada, Korea, and pan-Asia.

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